Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I am not going to intentionally post many pictures today, because I have slacked in the picture area for my "Not Me! Monday" posts a lot lately. ENJOY!!

I did not realize this week just how much help my husband is!! {He injured his ankle/foot and hasn't been able to do very much on it.} The kids enjoyed having Daddy home with them, though...even if he was unable to do all of his normal activities.

I did not laugh when Katie pointed at a flower garden as say "Look! That is monkey grass! But monkeys don't live there." What an observant little girl we have...

I did not put my 11 month old on the potty this week because he kept playing with the potty chair, only to find that he sat there longer than he ever sits anywhere! Maybe I need to let him sit on the potty in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom...okay...maybe not...

I did not allow Katie to "paint" in the bathtub {with soap paint}, only to find her painting with her feet. She said she had to paint like Curious George does. Definitely a masterpiece! :)

And I did not find Austin in Katie's room again {he is attracted to her pink room for some odd reason}...he worked for 5 minutes {at least} trying to fit himself in this little tin! Then, he couldn't figure out how to get himself out!

I definitely did not find a new "gadget" that keeps Austin's attention quite well. And, I certainly wouldn't take advantage of it by putting a plum inside and let Austin work for 45 minutes trying to eat it. I wouldn't do such a thing...see?

I have not been working hard this week to prepare for: an upcoming children's resale, Austin's first birthday & party, several church activities, and homeschooling Katie. And I will certainly not be working even harder on them this week, as my deadlines are quickly approaching. I will try to "check in" on here occasionally, though, to let you know that I am surviving! ;)

And, to conclude my list of "not's"...I am definitely not going to be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary this Friday! Has it really been that long?? I love you, Sweetheart! I am so blessed to be your wife. Thanks for knowing everything there is to know about me, and loving me still.


The Fuller Family said...

I just love your pics of your precious babies! By the time I can get to my camera, Caedmon has already stopped whatever cute thing he was doing! :)

The Ranew Family said...

I love the pics!! Katie is so imaginative and Austin is so cute how he was trying to fit in that tin:)

Kyle, Heather, and Sydney said...

What's funny is that I know the tin says "Katie" on it LOL He might be forever trying to take Katie's things :) Happy early anniversary to you & Mark!

Sandy Hop said...

Great post! Awesome blog. I really enjoyed my visit!