Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I most certainly would not be found "wearing" a vegetable {a cabbage, if you are curious} in my bra in order to aid in the post-weaning process, and it actually worked!

I did not witness one of the most pointless arguments between Katie and Austin....over {baby diaper} boxes of all things! Katie didn't want to share {her} box with Austin, so I gave Austin one. Bad idea...Katie no longer wanted her own, but Austin's. It was the silliest unending argument I'd ever seen!

I did not spend {at least} 45 minutes looking for Austin's lost sippy cup of milk {that I had poured for him only 5 minutes prior to it's disappearance}. After 45 minutes I still didn't find it, so I finished feeding Austin lunch, cleaned him up, and let him down, and what did he get out of Meeko's toy bag?? guessed it...the {no so} lost cup!

I did not almost throw away a new and perfectly good car seat because I couldn't get the fabric off to wash after Katie's vomiting incident. And I was not so frustrated that I posted my "review" of the car seat online AND email the manufacturer to tell them my opinion. I have never had a car seat that was so impossible to clean {impossible to remove, not machine washable, definitely not dryable, and beyond impossible to put back together}. I would never get that frustrated about something like this...never!

I have not picked up {lots} of pots, pans, and strainers this week since Austin learned about my kitchen cabinets. Oh, the fun!

I was not so proud of Katie when she said her first "big girl Sunday School class" verse {all by herself} to her teacher. I only reviewed it with her {maybe} 3 times (she only got it last week), and she had it down like a pro! It was: "Matthew 5:16, Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." That's a very long verse for a 2 year old! Her longest yet!! My little girl is growing up!

And, to top it off this week... Remember last week in this post that I told you I had been letting Austin sit on the potty while Katie was pottying? Well...I definitely did not just witness him going on the big boy potty {#1 and #2, if you want to know *smiles*}! My not-quite-12 month old boy would never surprise his mommy in such a way!!

Hope you all have a great {and shall I venture to say productive} week! As for me, it's a busy one!!

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Kyle, Heather, and Sydney said...

If Austin uses the potty then you won't have to worry about his artwork anymore! haha I hope you have a great week! Love you all!