Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not My Child! Monday

For my week last week, we're going to have to revert to the "not my child" post.
Look for "not me" to return next week! :)

I did not walk into Austin's room this week (during naptime, might I add), only to find him painting a masterpiece with...well, you can see my post about it here. He would never do such a thing! And, just in case you didn't read that earlier post, he certainly would not EAT dog poop, gag on it, and throw up because of it! Lovely.

On a better note...Katie did not have her first experience with "big girl" Sunday School and Children's Church today. And she loved not being in nursery with the babies. My little girl is growing up...

She is not begging to start school now. Boy! I have so much to get organized to start in September. Thankfully, even small projects can seem like school to her right now :)

Austin did not begin playing pat-a-cake (clapping, rolling, and throwing) this week, along with signing "Thank you". Out of the blue, too!! I wasn't trying excessively to teach him these this week.

And he certainly did not try a new way to get something out of his reach...and he was so proud of himself {until Mommy told him 'No-no'}...
And he is not {almost} completely weaned from breastmilk and bottles. {If you recall, he started weaning himself at 10 months, so I had to pump LOTS and supplement some, until he was closer to 12 months.} Well, since then, he's been doing great on milk-based formula, so we have slowly introduced whole milk to replace nursing sessions. And, he's drinking more milk from his cup than he would from me or a bottle! Obviously, he was ready to be a "big boy"...and, though I'm sure I'll miss the breastfeeding, I am glad to be at the end...he has not been an easy boy to breastfeed!!

Did I mention that he is also not choosing to eat diced (not pureed) table food (not baby food) now?? He's making lots of changes in a very short time! I think he's trying to be a "big boy" for his upcoming birthday party... :)

Okay, so I know this was a long post, but so was last week! Honestly, mine could be much enjoy it! Have a blessed week.

Okay...your turn! You can head over to to read what everyone else have not been doing this week or to join in!

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