Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A year ago today, we welcomed you into this world with open arms, joyful hearts, and {happy} tears streaming down our face. I know it is often said that it "seems like only yesterday," but truly, I blinked and here we are at your first birthday!

I still cannot believe it myself. I so vividly remember your birth day...how you scared us at first with your shallow breathing, but quickly showed everyone your lungs were in {perfect} condition...how you were such a calm baby, letting Mommy and Daddy have more quiet time in the hospital than we knew what to do with...how you learned how to eat like a pro, even from day one...how your big sister loved sitting on the hospital bed to hold her "brover"...and how every time Daddy and I would look at your precious face, we could do nothing but grin and thank God for our little boy!

And now we are here celebrating your 1st year of life with us! You. Are. ONE!!

At one year old you...

are walking {very} fast

say dada, mama, nana, kk {Katie}, bye-bye

sign milk, thank you, all done, more, and daddy

enjoy playing hide and seek

love playing in your sisters room {especially on her bed}

eat more than your sister often

drink milk from a sippy cup

try to jump {and it is hilariously cute}

take two naps a day

go to sleep on your own {with the help of your burp cloth and paci}

love playing outside

have so much fun chasing Meeko

like to bang your head on everything {walls, floors, doors, etc.}

wear 12-18 month clothes

hit the 20lb mark in weight

love any kind of balls

try to do everything your big sister does

are very 'go with the flow' most of the time

{absolutely} love to climb stairs of any kind

are such a fun boy to be around

are loved more than you could imagine.

My sweet boy, I am so excited to be celebrating your first birthday! You have already grown into such a sweet {and sometime mischeiveous} little boy. I look forward to seeing all that you learn this next year. God has special plans for you, my little one. We all love you more than you could know. Our lives changed greatly a year ago, but it was a change that all of us thank God for daily! I hope your day is extra special today!! Happy {first} birthday, Austin Tyler!


Kyle, Heather, and Sydney said...

How sweet! He will enjoy reading this when he gets older and I'm sure it will make you cry as he gets older! Happy Birthday Austin!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! It's so exciting to see you change with each passing day. Before long I'll be wrestling you for food and my fruit snacks to take to work. (LOL) God has truly blessed me above all my wildest dreams with you and your sister and mommy. I'm praying that God will use you to do GREAT things for Him and that you will grow up to be a godly young man who serves the Lord with gladness! Keep smiling buddy...it's contagious! :)



The Fuller Family said...

Marsha, this made me tear up! Our babies are so precious, and it's amazing how fast time flies with them. Congratulations on a sweet family! I hope our boys can be good buddies one day. :)