Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our God-written Love Story, Part I

I've been working on a very special post for this month, because I will be celebrating 5 wonderful years of marriage with the love of my life! But, while working on that post, I decided that it may be fun to share "our story" with each other and you all again...you know...to reminisce together :) God has given us such a beautiful love story...the best love story, if you ask me! {I may be a little partial, though.} So, without further hesitation, written a long long time ago:

Our God-written Love Story, Part I

by Mark (written in italics) & Marsha Barton (written in bold)

One day I was online chatting with friends and looking at profiles, when I found a profile that I just had to read. The screen name was UMchic18, and I noticed that she had been on mission trips. I had also been on mission trips and was curious to see where she had been on her trips. So, I decided to instant message her and find out for myself. So, I am sitting online and out-of-the-blue I get this instant message from Bama11088. I didn't know who he could be, but I was curious, so I talked to him to find out. It didn't take long for him to make me smile. He was someone I definitely wanted to talk with more! We talked about our mission trips and started asking each other questions about what we believed, and before we knew it, it was early the next morning. We decided it was time to call it a night, even thought we still had thousands of questions, but I made sure that I found out if she would like to chat again soon.

Over the next months, Mark and I talked more and more. It seemed like the more we talked, the more we had in common, and the more I wanted to get to know him. I knew he was extra special...a blessing I couldn't begin to thank God for...my new best friend. As we learned more about each other, during those months, I started wondering to myself, "I wonder if she would like to go off sometime?" I knew that Marsha said that she enjoyed talking to me online, but I wasn't too sure if she would go anywhere with me, since we met online. I finally decided to try my luck and asked if she would like to go to the IMS Homecoming football game with me. I knew that it probably wasn't the most enjoyable place to meet for the first time, since she wasn't into sports much during high school, but at least it was a start. Then I get an instant message back from her that had her number at school and another line that said, "I'm going to hang up if you talk like a redneck LOL."

Many things went through my mind when Mark asked me to meet him...you know, like..."Could he be some mad man that stalks people?" or, even worse, a REDNECK! But I really wanted to meet him, so I said I would go to the game. I met him at Chevron [romantic, huh? ;)] and followed him to IMS. And from that first glance, I knew he was special...someone I hoped I could get to know. Now you are probably all thinking, "CHEVRON!! What a loser!", but let me tell you my side of this. As we had talked about where to meet for the first time when I called, I couldn't think of a place that would be easy for her to meet me, and I wanted her to have a good first impression. Once she pulled up, I was smiling from ear to ear and was excited that I was finally getting to meet her in person. Don't get me wrong, emails and instant messages were great, but meeting in person was even better.

We spent our first "date" getting to know each other at a ballgame, but the game is not what I remember. We talked about almost everything possible that night, and the more I listened to him and his stories, the more I wanted to know. Even after a few simple hours, we were alike in many ways. I could only hope to get more time with this wonderful guy God sent to me. That first date seemed so short as the time quickly passed, and it left me hoping and praying for another chance to go off with her. Our first date led to many more, but we weren't "dating" seriously like everyone teased us about. We both wanted to get to know each other better because we didn't want to lose the awesome friendship that we had gained over this short amount of time. We got to spend more time together, as well as many late night conversations online. A friendship had been made and was growing more and more each day. Though many picked on us for only being friends and not "dating," I cherished every second of it. Being friends gave me an opportunity to see the heart of this wonderful guy, and it gave God a chance to grow us closer together and to Him every day.

I soon realized that my feelings for Marsha were changing and I really wanted to ask her out. I thought about her constantly, but kept reassuring myself that she only wanted to be friends. Every time we were together, I tried to make sure I didn't slip up and make a fool of myself, knowing deep inside that I really loved her. I held back my feelings for 2 years, but realized I couldn't continue on acting like I didn't want to be more than just her friend. Those 2 years brought me closer and closer to Mark. I started hoping he could like me as more than a friend, and I often thought of how wonderful it would be to be able to tell him the feelings I felt for him. But, I thought I was fooling myself...what could such a wonderful guy see in a girl like me? When I looked at him, I could see our future together lasting forever, but I prayed often that if that wasn't God's will that He would somehow take away my desire to be more than friends.

In the spring of 2002, Marsha asked me if I would like to come and meet some of her family during our Spring Break. I was really excited because I was afraid that I would be miserable that week if she was at home and I was still here. We left Mobile after we both got out of school and started the journey to Caddo. I left t hat Friday with an awesome friend and came back to Mobile with an awesome and extremely perfect girlfriend. I finally gave up on holding back my feelings, and, to my surprise, she said YES! To whoever said best friends can't become more, I am here to say otherwise. Mark, my best friend, asked me to be his girlfriend March 10, 2002, and every day is a perfect day because he is in my life. Though we have more memories than a book could ever hold, each day will add more that I will cherish with him now and FOREVER!

Okay...I know this was really long. But I didn't want to rewrite something in my words, when I could use something we wrote together many years ago, to help tell our God-written love story. If you can stand to read more, be watching for Part II. Coming soon to a blog near you ;)

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I love reading you guys love story. It's amazing how God brought you two together and how He has blessed your marriage!! Can't wait for part 2!!