Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our God-written Love Story, Part III

I know you are all probably tired of reading by now...and believe me, I am summarizing and cutting out a lot! What can I say? I am blessed to have a beautiful [and long] love story. Hang in there...I'm skipping on to the engagement and wedding now. We're almost up-to-date!

Our God-written Love Story, Part III
by Mark (written in italics) & Marsha Barton (written in bold)

Mark and I spend a beautiful day (November 8, 2003) at Bellingrath Gardens to take pictures with my new camera. Little did I know that it would truly be the perfect day! Mark took me to my favorite bridge and asked me to marry him with this poem he wrote for me:

The Perfect Day

We've travelled different roads

Searching for a love that's true

Meeting person after person

Wondering is this the one for you?

Sometimes life seems so confusing

And nothing seems to go quite right

It makes you wonder what you're doing

That is until God shines down His light.

You see, true love is about timing

And our Father knows what's best

All these years of pain and heartache

They've all just been a test.

A diamond isn't ready

Until it's tested by the flame

And you and I are both like diamonds

We have been tried over and over again.

We tried for two long years

To pretend we didn't see

The love growing within us

Afraid of what those words might bring.

God's love was shining down upon us

When I asked you out that night

Never have I felt such comfort

Knowing my love no more would hide.

My love for you is like a fountain,

Bubbling from the depths of the sea

Springing forth with joy and gladness

Because you are the one for me.

God has taught me how to love

And brought the perfect girl into my life

She's shown me a love from God

And now I see that God was right.

I'll love you forever, Marsha

And this seems like the place for me

To look deep into your eyes

And get down upon one knee.

There's one thing left I haven't said

And I think you know what that might be

I bought this ring to show you my love.

Marsha, will you marry me?

Of course I cried with joy, and said "YES!" And I have a beautiful ring to show it!! It truly was the perfect day...God truly blesed my life with my new fiance'.

I really am skipping a lot, now...but...we were married on August 14, 2oo4, on a beautiful bridge at Annabella at Cedar Glen. Though it was August, the weather was perfect, as was the ceremony! Mark and I chose to walk down the aisle together, hand in hand. He has been by my side through good and bad...my best friend. This was the start of our new beginning as one.

"Isn't it amazing

what can happen

when two paths

cross, seemingling

by chance,

becoming one path

with one purpose:

to love and be loved.

What our future

holds I can only

imagine, but I

anticipate every day

with JOY."

God has blessed my life in ways I could never express with words! Every day I thank God for writing my love story and sending the most perfect husband into my life. Our lives are now joined with two precious children...more love added to our love story...and I couldn't picture it getting any more perfect, though God does always surprise me! I love you, Mark! Thank you so much for making my dreams come true. The past 5 years of marriage, and the 4 years prior to that, mean more to me than you could imagine. I LOVE YOU!!!

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