Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paging: Dr. Katie

When Mark came home from basketball last night with an injured ankle, I figured this would be my time to "play" doctor and care for him. I did bring him things as needed throughout the evening and night, but that has since changed. When Katie found out that her Daddy had hurt his foot last night, she immediately took over as Dr. Katie!

Her first "plan of action" was to be sure she could sympathize with her Daddy's pain. As he was immersed his foot into the bucket of ice water, she sat beside him with her foot also submerged. And, though she made mention often of how cold it was, she was a trooper for him! {Sorry for no pictures of this step. I was cooking breakfast and didn't see this going on.}

Her final step (so far, anyway) included having a full ankle examination with all of her many "doctor things."

Her diagnosis was precise..."Daddy's foot hurts."
Her treatment plan was even better... "Daddy needs to play with me and watch a movie."
Per Dr. Katie, he'll feel better soon! Thanks, Dr. Katie!! You're the best doctor around. :)


The Ranew Family said...

I didn't know Mark hurt his ankle last night. I'm so sorry!! I love Doctor Katie's precription for making it all better:) Too cute.

The Fuller Family said...

What a sweet girl!

Mark said...

Dr. Katie is the best. She made me feel all better with her caring spirit. Enjoyed the company all day long and couldn't help but laugh at some of the things she said throughout the day. She's definitely willing to go through this with her daddy as no one else would be willing to stick their foot in that ice water!!! Love you Dr. Katie!

Anita and Megan said...

How sweet! I think I need Dr. Katie to visit me. I am sure I would feel better if I could play with Katie and watch a movie with her. Tell Mark I am envious of him! I love you all. Miss you very much and see you soon!