Friday, August 21, 2009

Wrapping Up...

This week has been busy. It's actually nice to be wrapping it up. Our family has been running in 100 different directions lately, and I think we're all tired and stretched thin. I never understand how you can get pulled in so many directions when you are carefully choosing which projects to take on or leave. But, somehow, I still end up with too many. We are making progress, though {by God's wonderful grace}!

Now, our focus is on our sweet boy, who is {I can't believe I am going to say this} turning ONE next Tuesday! We're so excited about celebrating his special day next week. We are even more excited that many of our family and friends will be able to be with us for his celebration next Saturday!! Katie and Austin have missed their long-distance family so much lately {and frankly, so have I}.

You'll probably not see my "Not Me" post this Monday. That's one thing that will have to take a side seat this week. But I will be posting the results of the Cutie Patootie contest from the Watermelon Patch that you all so faithfully voted for Katie in. And, I'm hoping to get to tell you that she's going to celebrate her 3rd birthday at the Watermelon Patch because of your votes! We'll see... Then, I'll be cleaning and baking cupcakes for Austin's birthday playdate on Tuesday, finishing last minute details of Austin's party for Saturday, and getting the house ready for all of our family coming in. A busy week...but a fun one!!

Sorry for no pictures! I'll work on that this afternoon, if I have time!! :-)

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