Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rearranging furniture SQUARES!

I know you all thought that I had completely abandoned my Ragged Square Quilt that I was so excited to start making back in this old post.

Oh! Contrare!!

Though it has taken me a few months, I have finally finished step #2 {sewing the 3" square to the 6" and the 6" square to the 9"}, and now have 30 completed squares! After completing step #2, I rearranged my squares into the design that I will {probably} use for the quilt...you know, unless I decide to rearrange squares for a 10th time! So...

What do you think of my quilt so far??

Next step...sewing the squares into rows! Keep watching for more updates on my Ragged Square Quilt. Though it make take me a while to finish a step, it will eventually be finished...I promise!


The Fuller Family said...

I'm loving it! I wish I could sew! :)

Hannah Jo Creations said...

IT LOOKS GREAT!!! I'm thinking of doing a small one for (maybe) next Christmas. I know where to go for pointers!

The Ranew Family said...

I LOVE it!! Now you've got me wanting to learn. Can you help me?