Thursday, October 15, 2009


I know what you're thinking... "Marsha, you are leaving in T-minus 6 hours...why are you blogging instead of packing all that you have left?"  And, I have no good answer.  Packing has been {extremely} challenging this time, for some reason...perhaps because I am packing for the kids to be without me for several days...or perhaps because I am packing for us to be in two totally different weather climates all within the same trip!  Either way, it has been easier to ignore the fact that I'm not packed, and do something more enjoyable for the moment...even if it is a {short} one! 

I honestly don't have much to say for this post, though.  We're heading out today, as soon as Mark is home from work.  And we are all {very} excited!!  We have a couple of days with my family, and then Mark and I fly out very early Sunday morning to begin our "5th honeymoon" in the beautifully fall-colored, quite cold {for us Mobilians} weather, and exciting fun and relaxation!  Please pray for all of our travelling safety, and also for health safety.  We would rather come home with 4 healthy, non-swine flu-infected family members :)  We're taking all the proactive steps we can.  The rest is in God's hands!

Now, for my final "part" of this post today...the whole reason it is entitled "Changes"...I've changed to a new commenting system, DISQUS.  I like using it so much more than the normal commenting system with Blogger.  But it is change.  It will take some getting used to.  But we're going to try it out...see what you think, and comment to let me know.  We can always go back to the "old" way, if need be later on.  But have to TRY it!  :) 

Enjoy the "quietness" of my blog while we're'll get bombarded with pictures and stories when we return!!!