Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feeding Wild Animals

Have you ever pondered on the regulations put out specifically banning the feeding of wild animals?  Have you ever stopped to wonder the reasoning behind those regulation?  Maybe you already know the reasoning, but me being the not-so-into-wild-animals type of girl, I really hadn't thought about it before.  So...I took a look.  Obviously there are health reasons for the animals, as far as what they should and shouldn't eat, food supply and demand, etc., but the biggest reason is for safety.  Wild animals who are fed, like it, and {who would have thought it} come back for more!  When they come back for more, they end up intentionally or unintentionally causing harm to humans.

Okay, so I'm sure you are wondering where in the world I'm going with this off-the-wall post, right?  No, I'm not going to become a wildlife rescuer or a zoo keeper.  But, as I was looking over my day, I couldn't help but parallel to this subject.  You see, today has been one of those days.  Katie has {intentionally or not} pushed every single button she could find to push on my "you're driving me crazy" part.  If I said do step A, she immediately refused and went to step Z.  If I said no, she took it as a yes, and kept right on going.  You know those days, right?  {I hope I'm not the only mom that deals with this from time to time.} did not take very long for Katie to kindle my anger today.  I quickly found myself on edge about everything.  I snapped much more often than I would ever snap.  I disciplined more than I care to recall.  And I gritted my teeth and held back screams and yells in amounts that is embarrassing to think about.  And, you guessed it, she kept pushing those buttons, but now with more enthusiasm.  As if her new job for today was to see how angry she could make far did she have to push before Mommy fell off the edge.

All evening, I kept questioning myself...Have I not been consistent enough in disciplining?  Have I not disciplined the right way?  {Plus a million other questions.}  But, you know, I took a step back and realized that today, I could have disciplined to my heart's content to no avail.  I was feeding a wild animal...I was feeding a stubborn 2-year-old with frantic, frustrating, and angry actions, which any normal 2 year old would think was absolutely hilarious!  Now, as you know, hindsight is always, what should I have done?  Exactly what God's word tells us..."be angry and sin not", "be slow to anger", etc.  Or, in essence, "DON'T FEED WILD ANIMALS". 

 I think God brought this illustration to my mind to give me a quick "reminder" each time I see or think of the phrase "Don't Feed Wild Animals".  Hopefully from now on, I will remember these spiritual, but also practical truths before my day ends as a full day of battling with my child...and having to apologize for all of the anger I felt and showed throughout my day.  Maybe it can be a reminder for you, too...that is, if you ever feel this way :)

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