Friday, October 9, 2009


This week is National Fire Prevention Week.  Did you know that?  Because it was Fire Prevention Week, I decided to incorporate that into our homeschooling lessons this week, and I thought I'd share with you a few of our activities.

Katie enjoyed reading (and being read) many books about firemen, firetrucks, and firedogs.  She also enjoyed watching Firefighter George and the Fire Trucks throughout the week.  {Side note:  if you are looking for a real life movie about firemen for young children, I certainly recommend this one!  It was completely on a child's level, but it was extremely educational and fun.  Katie loved watching it and learning all about firemen!!}

To finish off our week, Katie made a special "Thank you" card, and we made a batch of cookies for the local fire department.  We met up with a few of our friends, and were able to get permission to visit the local fire department.  The kids were so excited to get to see real firemen and fire trucks! 

The firemen volunteered to suit-up in their gear to show the kids what they wear to a fire, and the kids watched in amazement. 

Katie watched intently as the firemen put their headgear on...

As they where putting on the gear, their fire alarm sounded for a fire call, so we all watched in amazement as they all suited up with lightening speed, and drove off to their emergency!

Obviously, our field trip to the fire department didn't go exactly as planned, but the kids were able to see exactly what a fireman does first hand.  As the truck pulled out, waved to the firemen who so kindly showed us around.  We all gathered to say a prayer for our local firemen as they do the job that we are so thankful for. 

Since our trip was cut short, we took the kids to play at the park for a few minutes, and then finished our trip by having lunch at Firehouse Subs, where each child came home wearing their own fireman's hat!  We had a great time and hope to have a future opportunity to show the kids even more about fire safety and firemen!

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Anita and Megan said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Homeschooling is great!