Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pajamas, Shoes, & Teeth!

With our {very} rough week with Austin this last week, our "normal" routines were completely turned upside-down.  Homeschooling was often shortened or even put on hold for a "sick day week"...meals were never planned and often not cooked...beds were unmade...rules were not strictly adhered to...and pajamas were worn most of the time.  Last week, I spent the majority of my time holding and comforting Austin, while also trying to push any kind of liquid into his little system as often as I could...and cleaning/disinfecting {constantly}. 

So, here is my precious {and pitifully sick} little boy during a very select few "happy" moments...sporting his pajamas, enjoying his "shoe fettish", and showing off his new teeth!

This time, he found Katie's {pink} Dora shoes on the wrong foot...

And then he decides he needs to wear Mommy's flip-flops, too...

The first {playful} Austin I saw after 5 days of sickness. 
I love that sweet grin he has!!

The view I saw {every time} Daddy walked into the house this week.

And last {but certainly not least}...Our sweet boy's two newest teeth!

The {happy} highlights from my last week...Pajamas, Shoes, and Teeth!

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