Monday, October 26, 2009

Views from our Bed & Breakfast...

For our stay in Pennsylvania, we stayed at the beautiful Westwynd Farms.  I have always been very hesitant to even consider a bed & breakfast...fearing a lack of privacy, despising the old "country" decor that most B&B are great at using, and being completely uncomfortable with feeling the need to hold multiple conversations with complete strangers.  I'm odd...I know.  But, when I saw the pictures of this B&B, I quickly changed my mind, and decided to try my {first} bed & breakfast.

Was it a pleasant experience?  Pleasant isn't a good enough word for this B&B.  The farm was absolutely stunning to see, especially at sunset.  The room was modern with a hint of a foreign flair...very inviting...romantic...and relaxing...all in one.  The people were exactly what I wanted...very helpful when I needed insights, directions, or suggestions, but  not pushy, and extremely friendly no matter what time of day it was, but never in a nagging way.  We were free to wander about the 32 acre farm however we saw fit, and we did!  It was a perfect place for our perfect 5 year anniversary trip. 

Here is the back view of the B&B

Here is some of the furniture/decor from our room, "In Our Time"

Their large barn, housing their many horses, goat, and cats

a view of a section of the beautiful acreage on the farm

one of their many beautiful horses

A picture of Mark with his new best friend ;)

Okay, so there is a little humor behind that last picture of Mark and the goat.  This was taken on our last morning at the B&B.  This was the first time we had seen the goat outside of it's pen, and the goat followed us around as we took a morning walk.  We thought that was funny...until we started to leave the barn area.  The poor goat was attached...she refused to let us leave her.  We would try to walk away from the barn area, and she would run in front of us, using her head to hold us back.  I would walk around again, followed by Mark, and she would again run in front of us, get on her hind legs, and again try to keep us from walking away.  In her final attempt, she actually grabbed Mark's shirt sleeve, and I thought he'd have a huge hole from it {but he didn't}.  The stable-hand saw our predicament, and came to our rescue.  We later found out that the goat had just lost her mate a week earlier.  Obviously, she fell in love with Mark as the replacement ;)

Now finally, I could not finish this post about our wonderful B&B without mentioning my favorite part of this place...

The FOOD!!

I knew our breakfast was included, but I did not realize how delicious or filling the homemade breakfasts would be.  Each morning, we would first enjoy a nice cup of hot tea (or coffee) and juice, followed by a type of fruit dish (baked pears, spiced peaches, and fruit bites were my favorite), then a type of homemade bread (all of which were delicious, but the cranberry scones being my favorite), and finished with our "main course" (omelets, quiche, pumpkin pancakes with cider syrup being a few favorites).  We had no need for lunch much of the time because of our filling breakfast, though we did find room to eat it anyway, just much later in the day.

And, if that weren't enough, we had a table {full} of cookies, cakes, candies, and any dessert imaginable...available to us {every} time we walked in or out of the B&B.  No wonder I came back wearing tighter clothing!

All I can say is...if you plan to visit the Hershey/Harrisburg/Lancaster area in the future, look no further than Westwynd Farms to accomodate your every need and desire.  {Too bad I don't get paid for advertising... ;) just kidding.}