Sunday, November 8, 2009


I don't {usually} mention my photography here on my family blog, but today I'm going to make an exception!  God has given me a love for photography, at least a {little} talent and a learning mind, and a few necessary items to give me the opportunity to help supplement a little income for our family, allowing me to stay at home with our children.  And I am ever so grateful! 

The past year, I didn't do a lot of "publicizing" my {hobby} photography since I had a newborn, but he has grown {too fast, as always}, and I'm ready to dive in with my work!  This is where you come in...

  • My prices are low {because I am a one-income family, and I know how frugal one must be with their money...and memories aren't something I'd like to cut-out.}
  • My work and your satisfaction are guaranteed {because we know we can't always predict how our children will act on the day of a portrait session, it's nice to know we can do a "make-up" if necessary.}
  • My website ( is up and running with constantly updated samples of my work {so you have a great, but easy way to pass the word along to all of your friends and family.}
  • My photography currently includes (but is not limited to) infants, children, seniors, couples, families, maternity, holiday, and bridal portraits {to make it easy for you to get all of your needed portraits taken by one name you know and trust.}
  • My current specials are *UNBELIEVEABLE*, so be sure to check them out on my website or on my Facebook Fan Page.
So, is there really any reason {not} to spread the word?  I can't think of any!  So, here's what you can do...
  1. Book your own appointment
  2. Tell your friends/family about my photography
  3. Receive credits toward your next appointment/order for every referral that makes an appointment
  4. Repeat as often as desired ;)

Thanks for listening to my "advertisement"...and now...back to what you really visit my blog of the kids ;)