Sunday, November 15, 2009


With all of the sickness going through our household the past couple of weeks, when everyone felt good yesterday, I took advantage of it!  We were all tired of being stuck inside, so we escaped (the house) and took a ride to the botanical gardens in hopes to take a few pictures of Katie (belated 3 year old pictures), and *maybe* even an updated family picture.  When we arrived, we realized that there was a wedding taking place, so we didn't spend much time there.  However, in the few minutes we had, we did get a few pictures that I thought I'd share...

Mark with the kiddos

My precious Katie, sporting her new headband (she stole from Sydney LOL)


Our happy family :)

Unfortunately, a few hours after our outing, Katie started running a very high fever, so we're back to house arrest for a while.  Hopefully soon we'll all be well again and can once again ESCAPE (the house, that is)!  Until then, I hope you enjoy the new pictures :)