Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I am not practically {begging} for a normal week at our house free from all colds, coughs, and fevers, since we've obviously been passing them back and forth for over 3 weeks now. 

I have not determined that we will not spend another week unproductively due to sickness, and I'm starting by doing my "not me" monday post with a clingy toddler at my feet!

I did not find the cutest little farmer in my house this week.  See?  I suppose the "country" in him is hereditary...

I did not laugh as I took this picture while the kids were {obviously} upset with me for separating them, although had I not, there would surely have been the start of WWIII in our living room.

We did not stop putting up our Christmas decorations to take pictures and laugh {uncontrollably} at Katie's "idea" for the stockings.  Apparently, she has no idea that there can be better things in a stocking than feet!

We did not have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mark's family, in the midst of our sicknesses...especially the children, since they were able to play with many cousins that they see very little.  Seven children, lots of mischief...lots of laughs...lots of love.

I does not completely amaze me of Katie's imagination!  She was tired of running outside, so she decided to make a bird's nest {out of Pawpaw's mulch}.

The bird nest idea was {obviously} a hit...with many of the children.