Monday, November 2, 2009

Peek into our Everyday Joys...

I know I haven't done my "Not Me! Monday" posts in a couple of weeks, and I had every intention of posting one today.  But, when I saw all of the pictures and updates that I had to post of the kids, I decided a normal post would work best.  So...ENJOY your peek into our everyday joys!

In case there was any doubt, I can confirm that our sweet boy loves to eat {anything}!  This week he pitifully begged for an apple {since his sister had one}, and sat with it for a good 30 minutes trying to get pieces off with his 4 pearly whites.  Considering he only has 4 teeth, I think he did pretty good for his first {whole} apple.  And, a picture wouldn't be complete without Katie's "cheese" grin.  Every time she sees the camera come out, she poses.  I've created a monster picture-loving girl!!

Austin's new *favorite* activity {besides wearing shoes that are much to big for his feet} is brushing his teeth.  I'm not sure why, unless he's using it as a "teether".  But, after I finish brushing his teeth, I let him try for a few minutes...and he's so excited...until I have to take it away {because he starts running and playing, and I don't want him hurt}.  Then I see this pitiful face...

And, though Austin loves his shoes and toothbrush, he has another love.  And, because I only owned {one} and could not easily share it with *both* kids, we had to purchase 2 additional brooms for our broom for Katie and one broom for Austin {just their size}.  Who would have thought they'd want brooms???  Maybe my kitchen floors will be cleaner now?  Katie definitely tries to sweep {several times per day} just like Mommy.  Poor Austin was so exhausted from sweeping the floors at Target, that he came home and crashed on his favorite chair to rest and drink his milk...but not without his broom!

This week we also took Katie to her first dentist appointment.  She was so excited about getting to go to the dentist office!  She knew that if she did good, she'd get surprises from the dentist and a picture on a tiger or an elephant (her choice).  What kid wouldn't want that?  She went right in as I sat with Austin in the fun waiting room, but after about 15 minutes, I was called back.  Katie had gotten nervous and would not open her mouth.  She said she was afraid of the mirror that they were putting in her mouth {of all the things to be nervous about, huh?}  So, Austin and I sat beside her, and she did great!!  The dentist said Katie had beautifully perfect teeth that sparkled like diamonds.  That thrilled Katie to hear!  Hopefully her next trip will be even better, since she knows it is nothing to be scared of.  Here is her picture from the dentist.  Notice, she chose the tiger!  She told them that she wanted her picture with the "Roll Tide Tiger" LOL...she's a little confused, but she enjoyed it nonetheless... ;)  And we're proud of our big girl!

After the dentist trip, Austin was absolutely exhausted!  He immediately fell asleep on the dragon chair and did not move, regardless of all of the noise Katie and I made while preparing and eating our lunch.  Sweet, tired boy...

And, finally, Katie and I are still chugging right along with our homeschooling this year.  We're focusing on letters...recognizing the letters, the sounds the letters make, and attempting to write the letters.  She's learning so much!  The other day, she surprised me by telling me what time it was!  We haven't even focused on her number recognization yet, much less how to read a clock!  I think I have a Mrs. Einstein in my house...but then again, I may be a little partial.  She loves homeschooling, and we always find time for fun this.  This is Katie sponge-painting her fall tree.  Isn't it beautiful?  Painting is one of her favorite activities right now, and we use that to our advantage often in homeschooling! 

This week my beautiful daughter will be turning 3!  I cannot believe it has already been that long.  So, look for a special birthday post for her later this week.  We have lots to do to prepare for our family coming in town and her special "Under the Sea" birthday party!  I promise to post plenty of pictures to make up for the lack of posts this week... ;)