Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweetest Place

We couldn't stay in Pennsylvania without visiting the Sweetest Place on Earth!   We spent several hours in Hershey Park.  We visited during the "off season", so we weren't able to enjoy all of their awesome wooden roller coasters, etc., but we did get to enjoy a nice little ride that took us through the entire chocolate-making process.  It was very interesting (other than the singing cows, which I didn't care for).  I never realized how much time it took to make chocolate!  But it's worth the wait...even the ride ended with some sweet chocolates for us to taste! 

We had to be a little silly!  We had time to spare while waiting for our Chocolate Tasting Adventure to begin...

Here we are at "Hershey University", where we completed our chocolate tasting course and were given official diplomas for chocolate tasting.  I like that kind of degree! ;)

The start of our chocolate tasting adventure...

I can't say that we spent lots of time at Hershey Park, but it was interesting...and the chocolate is ohhh so delicious!  I definitely wouldn't have wanted to skip this sweet part of our vacation.