Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas - Part Two & Three

We are having a wonderful time with my family in North Alabama!  The only problem I've had is the time...and how quickly it flies by!  Here are a few snapshots of our continued Christmas celebrations.

Austin & Katie opening gifts from Mimi & Papa Ricky

Katie and "If you give a Pig a Party" book and stuffed animal {her favorite} book series!

Austin enjoying his new big boy cup from Mimi & Papa Ricky!

And his new car ball pit! {This has been a hit for all of the little ones}

Sunday evening, we were able to celebrate with our extended family.  It was a little crazy with the number of people, but none of us complained.  We had lots of fun spending time together...ending it, of course, with a not-so-nice game of Dirty Santa! :-)

Here's a picture attempt of the Great-Grandparents and all of the little ones {minus one, who was sick...we missed you, Cameron!}

Austin found a little doll curling iron, and it quickly became his new favorite toy...

Papa Rikard and Katie :-)

Austin sharing a few "high fives" with Coty

Uncle Gabe & Aunt Megan - We have really enjoyed our time with them, as we don't often get to see them...especially Gabe, who lives wayyy up north! :-)

Austin and Sydney enjoying a little playtime together!

I have no idea what my little ones are doing with Papa here, but it was too funny not to post...We'll just say they were working on their basketball skills :-)