Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas time's a comin'...

Katie and Austin received a {quite large} Christmas present a little early from their aunt and uncle this week.  I assembled it while they were napping, and when they awoke, I sent them on a "treasure hunt" to find the *new* surprise....and OH! Were they surprised!!

Katie's first comment was, "Look, Mommy! There are enough chairs for my Kitty, too!!" Yes, Sweetie, that's wonderful...I'm so glad she can finally join the family at the table :-)

Austin was funny, too. Every time it is time to eat now, he runs to the "new" table, as if to say, "I'm a big boy now, Mommy...see??  I don't need my highchair." Indeed you are, my precious boy...Indeed, you are.

Christmas time's a comin'....Christmas time's a comin'....  :-) 
Have I mentioned that I {love} this time of year??  I can't wait for next week!