Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

On December 9, 2004, our "first child" {or at least the closest resemblance to a child in the Barton household at the time} was born in Shreveport, Louisiana.  We had been waiting for our little Westie for several months.  It was love at first sight for us when we received our first picture of little Meeko.

And, our life as "parents" began...potty training, teething {aka chewing on Mommy's kitchen chair}, obedience classes, kennel training, barking, trick teaching, leash walking, chasing, agility classes, travelling, and loads of fun memories.

Here are a few glances back over the last 5 years...{it was hard to choose just a *few* pictures...we have so many.  But I hope you enjoy, as I enjoyed "digging" them us.}

This is our first day with Meeko...we drove a {very} long way to get him!

 He was so tiny...and oh, so cute!

His favorite places to sleep...
perched on the top of our couch or stretched out on our bed!

Our first "family picture" - Spring 2005

Getting into mischief at our old apartment.

Fall 2005

Being a sweet "big brother" to baby Katie ~ 2006

Our birthday boy ~ Fall 2009

Meeko-Chico, we've definitely had our differences {a lot of them lately...revolving mostly around that obnoxious bark that God created you with}, but our family wouldn't be the same without you.  You're a great dog that we would all miss {especially the kids} if you weren't here.  Happy birthday, buddy!  We hope you have a wonderful day at the pet store with us...I know the kids will pick the perfect surprise for you.  We're all looking forward to even more years with you.  HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!!