Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It has not been a {crazy} busy week for our crazy, in fact, that I'm having trouble remembering all that went on...including all of the {many} "not me's" that I was planning to confess, but maybe they'll come back to me as I type... :-)

I did not catch my sweet boy enjoying an entire dog treat in my living room {that he was supposed to be giving to our not-so-patiently waiting dog}.

I was not so far behind in putting away our laundry this week that I seriously considered re-washing them with all of the {new} dirty clothes, you know, so they would be "fresh" and wrinkle-free.  I would {never} consider being so lazy!

I did not realize this week that we have now have a little music director in our midst.  Since Austin sat in "big church" with us for our Thanksgiving Praise Service recently, he loves to get a music book and "direct" like he saw our music leader doing.  {I even caught a little on tape, and I'll try to get it uploaded later on for you to enjoy.}

My little girl has not surprised me several times this week...showing me things that she has learned {just by listening to us}...that I had NO idea she knew!  Little sponges, they are...

We did not learn about snowflakes this week...and did not spend an entire morning cutting out snowflakes to decorate our back door with.

And finally, I do not (really, I do not) remember all of the cute/silly things that the kids did this this will conclude my "not me" post for now...hopefully I'll remember them later!!