Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me/My Child! Monday

Katie has not been asking for apologies to everyone who has something other than a star on the top of their Christmas tree.  So, if you aren't "politically Katie correct" this year, be forewarned...

I did not finally sit down to try to finish up my quilting project {you thought I forgot, didn't you??}, only to find out 10 minutes into it that I had ran out of thread!  Maybe one day I will finish it...

The kids and I did not spend over an hour of our time looking for a lost milk sippy cup this last week...which left me thinking that I needed to invent a tracking device for cups that will beep when lost, so you can find them!  I need about you?? 

I did not find a few pictures that Mark snapped of our little music director.  Isn't he cute?  He even found a stepstool to use as his platform :-)

And even better...I did not finally upload two new videos for you to enjoy...

First, here is my little choir director/singer practicing before we left for church service...{note how well Katie can tune out her brother when watching cartoons}.

And second, here is Katie preforming her puppet show.  {It was a story, but when she saw the camera, it quickly turned to songs...songs completely intermixed with her sillyness!} 

We are not enjoying our calendar countdowns to Christmas...even though it's really hard to help Katie understand that waking up from nap doesn't begin a new day {aka - a new calendar surprise}.

This is not our last week of "normality" {if there is such a thing in our household}, before the Christmas celebrations begin.  We hope YOU are having a great Christmas season, too...let us not forget the whole Reason for the Season!