Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~*17 months*~

 At 17 months you:

are learning to officially run

still need your paci and di when you are tired
{but that will soon change, little one}

are wearing 18 month clothes and 5-6 shoes

are a picky eater while you are cutting your top molars
{to go with the 6 teeth you currently have}

love to aggravate your sister in any way possible

enjoy reading books with Mommy and Katie

still potty like a big boy before bath time (usually)
{but we are no where near potty-training yet}

love music and singing

are down (most of the time) to one nap a day

are definitely "all boy"

love dirt and getting dirty, and anything outside

have the most contagious laugh

love to close your eyes when you say "cheeessseee"

say (clearly):  ma-ma, da-da, Ta-tie (Katie), all done, this, that, dog,
bird, deer, quack quack, woof, milk, ball, bubble, nana, paw-paw,
bye bye, hey, and uh-oh

sign:  thank you, please, more, all done, milk, bath

are loved more and more each day, my precious son