Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is 6 days into the new year, and I have yet to breathe one word of "resolutions" to you.  I suppose you've heard a lot of resolutions the past week, and perhaps even made a few for yourself.  Well, after pondering the subject for the past couple of weeks, here are my thoughts {at least a few of them}:

This year, I am resolving to have no resolutions!  You heard me right...NO New Year's Resolutions for me.  But, before you roll your eyes and close this post, let me explain my reasoning.  Every year I find myself making resolutions of all kinds for the new year.  I do put thought into it...I do have every intention of succeeding at them.  But the problem with my resolutions are that they don't have a specific goal to be reached.  "I will eat healthier this year"...definitely not a bad resolution to have.  But, when I look back at the end of the year, what do I see?  Usually, I see many failed attempts at a list of goal-less resolutions.  Not this year, No Sir! 

This year, I am making no resolutions, but I am making CHANGE!  I am not going to speed through a quick devotion each day, in order the place an "X" by my list of resolutions to keep; I am going to read as much or little {in the Bible} as God gives me the daily ability to do, and I'm going to think on these things that I've read, and see how I can change to better mirror that image given.  I am not going to go back and forth between diet and no diet to "look better"; I am going to, with God's help, feed my family healthier choices for our meals and snacks, and enjoy more activity with the kids in order to have more energy to do what God would have me to do.  I am not going to stress over which letter of the alphabet Katie can or can't write at age 3; I am going to enjoy my time with my children daily, being careful not to miss any opportunity to teach them God's word, their manners, and all of the other volumes of education they can get from even minutes of my time, while praying often that God will guide my mothering and step in for my failures.  I am not going to major on the minors of our house, my marriage, our children, our finances, or any other part of my life; I am going to strive daily to see God's blessings and workings through every situation we encounter, both good and bad, and pray that God does not let me have my way, but His! 

I want change this year.  I want to be able to look back at the end of 2010 and see how God has worked in and through my life over the years to bring change.  It won't be easy, I'm sure of that.  But then again, nothing worth having is ever easy, is it?