Tuesday, January 19, 2010

House 2 Home: Part I

Mark and I have done a lot of talking, looking, and deciding on changes in our house to make it our home.  Yes, it has taken us almost 5 years...but we {finally} know exactly what we want.  And it's exciting!! 

Yesterday we made our first {small} change in our dining room area.  We painted the lower half of our dining room "pretzel twist", though Katie and I prefer to call it chocolate.  It looks fantastic!  Taking away the light olive green color and replacing it with our new choice completely changed the room...making it stand out as our dining room, instead of just part of our kitchen.

Here are a few snapshots we took last night before we moved our furniture back.  As we get all of the "small" details (pictures, etc.) completed, I'll add pictures of the finished rooms.  But this is where we start...

Now, on to Part II...hopefully this week(end)!  :-)