Monday, January 25, 2010

House2Home: Part II

I know many of you know that much of our painting is complete {minus a little touch-up work}, and it's been driving you CrAzY that you haven't seen any pictures.  I'm sorry...maybe after you see all of the posts of work from this weekend, you'll understand why it took me so long and forgive me!

Our "Before" Pictures - Living Room


Before (Hallway)

And now...for the moment you've been waiting for {or maybe not}...

Our *new* Living Room and Hallway (minus our wall decor, since I still have a good bit of work to do):

Our living room/hallway area

More of the living room area

Here's where the Living Room connects to the dining room (so you can see all 3 new colors together, what I like to call our chocolate, caramel, and cherries...even though it's no where near the red color of cherries!)

Looking into our hallway from the living room

We love our new colors, and we're so glad we've begun our changes to make our house a home.  Now, I'm ready to hang my decor to "finish" the look!  After I finish that, I'll be sure to take a "final" picture for you to see.  And then, we're on to painting our master room/bath and installing our new flooring!  YAH!!  As for now, I am going to work on my pictures for Mimi's Babies and a sweet newborn sitting that I finished yesterday.  Be sure to watch for sneak peek posts of those on my photography blog!!