Thursday, January 21, 2010


Austin ~
At 16 months, you like:
  • anything that involves climbing
  • remote controls & cell phones
  • foaming hand sanitizer
  • drinking anything from cups that aren't yours
  • coloring with your sisters crayons (and markers, if I fail to hide them well enough)
  • Meeko, and any other moving creature
  • balls of any shape, size, and color
  • Brainy Baby and Baby Faith DVDs
  • fruit, Nutrigrain bars, pasta, and veggies (most of the time)
  • bath time
  • listening to music of any kind
  • trying to sing and direct when you hear music
  • your also serves as your song book
  • shoes
  • books
  • saying "cheese" every time I get my camera out
At 16 months, you dislike:
  • changing clothes or diapers
  • coats and hats
  • having to sit still, regardless of where you are or what you're doing
  • diaper changing tables in stores/restaurants (not only are they disliked; you are actually quite scared of them now, and I'm not sure why)
  • the the naptime/bedtime routine, until I get you to bed, and then you crash quickly
  • tomatoes, cucumbers, and name a few
  • being verbally reprimanded for your disobedience
  • knowing what you want to do, but being just a little too small to accomplish it

Katie ~
At 3 years, you like:
  • pretending about practically everything
  • doing your "homeschool", especially at your new desk/easel
  • spelling your name for anyone who will listen
  • to be active all day long
  • playing the Wii with us, especially your new Diego adventure
  • to watch DVDs of all kinds...
  • playing outside
  • eating salads any chance you get
  • praying for your friends and family, and getting very excited when God answers your prayers
  • your bath time
  • flip flops
  • music and singing
  • your dog, Meeko, and any other animals you find
  • craft time
  • PeeWee Club
At 3 years, you dislike:
  • not getting to do things "on your own"
  • when your brother crashes your recently set up toys
  • wearing clothes at naptime
  • drinking water, though I still make you!
  • wearing hairbows with your ponytails
  • having to sit quietly

You are both growing so quickly!  I cherish every moment I have with you, because I know those moments will be gone all too soon.  I love you!!