Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I did not witness my son's first attempts to hock a loogie while celebrating Christmas with my family this week.  My son would never do such a thing.  And, if he did, he certainly would not continue to practice this "new talent" for a full 15 minutes.  NOT ME {OR MY SON}...

My sweet girl, upon being asked "Why did you get disiciplined?", did not answer "I made a bad decision." 
Nor did she, during her bedtime prayers, pray that Daddy would stop scratching his boo-boo on his arm, and said to him, "Daddy, you need to do the right thing."  Both comments did not find me biting my tongue in order to stay quiet and serious.  NOT ME {OR MY SWEET GIRL}...

I did not decide, on a whim, to get a {major} haircut while on our Christmas vacation with my family...and I most certainly did not ask a stranger to let me get a picture of her haircut in order to show the hairstyle to the stylist.  I would never be so bold...NOT ME!

{My haircut is stacked in the back, with a diagonal cut on the sides. The pictures aren't the best, but we took them the afternoon I chopped it off...all 3 or so inches off the back!}
While on our Christmas trip to see my family, I did not enjoy a fun date evening with my sweet husband {at Lowes} to pick out the colors we're going to paint our house this year!  And you can even have a sneak peak...can you guess what colors will go where??

And, finally, upon arriving at home after our late Christmas celebrations with my family...we did not work ourselves to death trying to get all of the new toys and gifts put away.  This task did not include putting together Katie's adorable easel/desk set instead of putting the kids in bed.  And, after getting it put together, Mark and I did not laugh ourselves silly when we saw the following "sharing" moment:

{Please ignore Katie's lack of a wardrobe...we were in the process of getting into night clothes when this happened, and I couldn't not take a picture of such a moment...}

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