Friday, January 15, 2010

{Selective} Hearing

Things I have heard pretended not to hear in my household this week...

"Mommy, I really like the part of you where your milk comes out." (Katie) Talk about out-of-the-blue!  Sweetheart, I'm glad you like them {I guess}, and I haven't had milk in them for quite some time, but thank you for noticing.  Now, let's move on to another conversation...

"Tay-teee" (Austin) Sweet boy, you've finally mastered your sister's name!  Now she has to watch'll be telling on her before she knows it!

"Mommy, Look!!  I found a tree-star!!" (Katie) That's wonderful, honey!  It shows me that you have a great imagination, and we've been watching waayyy too much Littlefoot and friends {The Land Before Time}.

"I really want to help you paint the walls.  Can we do it NOW?" (Katie) Thank you for the offer, Sweetheart.  You have amazing talents with your fingerpaints, but I do think Mommy and Daddy will paint the kitchen walls while you and your brother are know, so you'll have a surprise to wake up to!  :-)

"Mmmm..." (Austin); "Mommy, can you let me have the same thing Austin has in his mouth?" (Katie) Austin shouldn't have anything in his mouth {especially that you would want}, so "No".  Wait a minute!  Austin, where in the world did you find access to a lollipop without any help of any kind???  Nevermind...I don't even want to know.