Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walkin' on Sunshine

We were indeed Walkin' on Sunshine last week, as the kids and I enjoyed a rather {warm} January day after our long spell of below-freezing temperatures. 

When I saw the sky, I dressed the kids in light jackets, and we headed outside for a long-awaited day in the sun...to play, to run, to relax, and to have fun in January.  We were all so tired of being "stuck" inside due to the weather.  It was a great reminder of what will soon come...Spring, then Summer...ahhh, I can almost feel it!  :-) 

Here are a few pictures from our lovely January day outside...

We haven't seen this beautiful sky and sun often this month, so it was definitely a welcome surprise!

Can't help but wonder if they were thinking, "I know if we put our digging powers together, we can figure out how to get out of here!"

Little Man showing me his newly found rock!

KatieBug enjoying a little swinging fun.  She loves to go so high, that it makes her jump in the seat!  :-)

Katie decided to get a little creative with her sliding...and, of course, Austin tried to follow right behind her.  My two brave little ones...

Austin spotted something in the air, and kept babbling about it, but I have yet to figure out what he saw...

Now, we're even more excited about Spring being around the corner!  We're definitely "outsiders" :-)