Thursday, February 25, 2010

66 Love Letters - A Review

I recently received Dr. Larry Crabb’s newest book 66 Love Letters to review for Thomas Nelson Publishing. This book is described as “a dialogue between one man and God,” exploring “each book of the Bible as a letter from the Creator to you.” I was very excited upon reading the short synopsis for this book, and hopeful that it would help to give me the encouragement that I needed to want to dig even deeper into God’s word when reading. I find that all too often I am reading through the Bible, but not taking time to hear what God would like to teach me through a passage, or not grasping the “big picture” of a certain book of the Bible. My challenge was now to see if those things could be changed by reading through Dr. Crabb’s book.

After reading the introduction of the book, I was uncertain that this was something I would enjoy. I got the impression that it was one person’s extreme summary of each book of the Bible, put into a conversation held between God and the reader. I was not sure I liked the idea of this, as it certainly did not need to replace God’s word in any way for any reader. However, I did decide to give it a fair chance, and began reading the first chapter, about Genesis.

The first chapter helped me to see the true purpose of this book. It did summarize the book of Genesis, but not in a way that portrayed any part of the Bible as unnecessary to read, but more as a companion to the Bible reader. If read alongside the Bible, Dr. Crabb’s book can bring to light many personal application questions to challenge and encourage you to dig deeper into God’s word to find all of the treasures that it holds. It did take a little time to get used to the layout of the book, as it is written as if God is personally writing a letter to you (the reader), but having it written in such a personal manner makes it hard to (intentionally or unintentionally) overlook important pieces of God’s word without first evaluating yourself.

Overall, I would recommend this book for you as a companion to your current Bible study, as I believe it does help to give you a better perspective of the truths in God’s word that can be applied to daily living. However, if you are looking for a “read through” type of devotional book, I do not think this would be the one for you. It is definitely a different way to look at the word of God, but if used in the right manner, could definitely help you to deepen your love for God’s word and your relationship with Him.