Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Though I never thought I would say it {especially this quickly}, I was not more than happy to take a hiatus from painting the house this week.  It's exciting to see the "new look" come together...and I can't wait to see our master bed/bathroom complete, but the painting wore me out!

We took the kids to the local gardens this past week to take some pictures of Katie modeling new accessories for Mimi's Babies, where I did not cut the bottom of my foot after only 5 minutes there.  After Katie got over her complete disappointment, she immediately began to tell me to "make sure I picked up my feet" the next time we come.  Gotta love that smart girl's thinking ;-)

I did not find myself washing Austin's mouth/face/cheek area constantly for several hours this week before realizing it was terribly dry skin and not his previously eaten meal.  I would not wash it so frequently that it made his chapped skin even worse before I even realized what was happening!  I'm {much} more observant than that!!

We are not anticipating the probability of our new flooring choices being installed this week.  Though I hate the thoughts of what that means for my house organization, I am willing to "sacrafice" for home improvements.  {I'm sure I'll be singing another tune when the flooring is down, and I can't locate anything I am looking for!}

Austin does not have a new *favorite* word that he uses almost 24/7 now..."Uh-Oh".  It is thrilling to see him adding new words to his small {understandable} language, but it's amazing how quickly you get tired of hearing "uh-oh" during the day. 

I did not see my darling Katie correct {by words and by example} her Papa Ricky at lunch for not chewing with his mouth closed!  We've been working on this "manner" for about 2 weeks now...I guess we can move on to something else...she seems to have this one figured out now :-)