Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I did not let my two sick children watch entirely too many cartoons and DVDs the past few days simply because they felt terrible and I was exhausted!  I would never do this after spending so much time deliberately limiting their TV time...causing LOTS of backtracking!

Even having too much TV time, little Austin did not look {almost} as pitiful as I'm sure he felt, as he suffered through the croup {with a very sore throat and coughs so bad they gagged him to the point of vomiting!}  Poor little guy...

I was not convinced for two days that Austin had given up his paci without a fight (due to not being able to suck it while he was so sick), took away all of our "stash" of pacis after day 2, only to return it during the night when he would/could not sleep.  What I did not realize was that his medicines were keeping him up at night...not the lack of a paci.  So, we're back to weaning mistake!

I am not about to begin my second review for Thomas Nelson Publishing by reading 66 Love Letters:  A Conversation with God That Invites You into His Story, by Larry Crabb.  YAHHH for free books which equals a little extra ME time!!

I am not playing the part of a single mom this week with my two sick kiddos, while my sweet hubby is away on business.  He's only been gone a few hours, and I already miss him terribly...probably doesn't help that I know he's gone all week...  Hopefully my little ones will be well soon, so we can get out of the house often (to keep my sanity, of course)!  This is one of the most pitiful faces I've ever seen Austin make...and I've seen it a lot the past few days...

Austin did not, upon hearing that Daddy was gone for the week due to work, proceed to take his frustration out on a picture of Daddy and Mommy by throwing it into the bathtub {and essentially ruining the picture and part of the frame}.  He would never do such a thing!!

I was not completely surprised to see the "letter" Katie wrote me last night... She said, "Look, Mommy!  A, C, M.  That spells your name!"  She's holding on to even more than I thought...we haven't been working much on writing the letters...only recognition/sounds.  But I bet you wouldn't have guessed that by looking at these:

Way to go, Katie!!!  Mommy is SO proud of you! :-)