Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Our" Mardi Gras Day

After our not-so-great weeks of sickness and Mark travelling for work, our whole family was greatly looking forward to last Monday and Tuesday!  (Mark was off work for the holiday/Mardi Gras).  Our family was completely on the mend physically and were all ready to get OUT of the house, and that's just what we did! 

We started with a picnic Chick-Fil-A lunch and nice walk at the Mobile Botanical Gardens.  It was great to see "color" starting to appear on the bushes and plants...SPRING IS NEAR!  The kids had so much fun just being out...it was nice, and relaxing for us all.

Austin and his newly found pinecone

Austin wanted to hold Daddy's hand to go find the fish
(which were hiding under the bridge because of the cool weather).

Katie sporting her sunglasses because it was "too bright" for her eyes to see :-)

My Sweet Ones...

After a little time at the gardens, we decided to drive
across the street to Langhan Park for a little playtime before nap!

We finished our fun morning/early afternoon venture by
watching the geese in the water at the park.

A much-needed break and great family time for all!