Thursday, March 4, 2010

18 months

Austin - at 18 months you...

have the most contagious laughs
like to aggravate your big sister all day
love to sing and try to direct music
can sing the tune to two songs
still need you paci & di...sometimes
love to be outside

have two adorable dimples
now have 7 teeth and 3+ more emerging
like to eat all day long

are beginning to talk more
still babble lots
love to watch movies and read books
take one afternoon nap

love to climb on anything
are obsessed with wearing shoes
are a pretty laid back boy
look a lot like your Daddy

have the funniest expressions

love pouring things from one bowl to another
like to play in the dirt
enjoy getting dirty
are becoming very independent

are a sweet boy that we love so much
have been a blessing to each of us
are our second gift from God
Happy 18 months, sweet boy! 
We are looking forward to celebrating
your 2nd birthday with you soon...