Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bye Bye...


So excited...our sweet boy threw away his "paci" last night before bedtime, and hasn't cried or asked for it since!  My little boy is growing up so fast...

For those of you wondering...I used the same "technique" on Austin that we successfully used on Katie at this age.  For the last 2-3 weeks, we limited his paci time to only when he was in his crib going to sleep.  *At this time, we took all of the "extras" away, leaving only one in the bed.  This is more for the parents than for him, as it would be too convinient to have one in the car/bag to give when fussiness came.*  He would ask for it occasionally, but he knew paci stayed in the bed, so he would generally go on about his business with no problems.  Last week, I took the crib pacifier and cut a hole in the top of it, taking away the "suction" pacifiers have.  This makes it to where he would have to practically bite the pacifier to keep it in his mouth...not exactly satisfying.  Obviously he knew something was different, but he didn't know what.  He would try to fall alseep with the "broken" paci for the first few days, but would quickly throw it out of his crib and go to sleep without it.  After a week, he didn't even look for it or ask for it, though it was still in his bed.  So, last night, we asked him if he was ready to throw it away, and he did!  Our big boy never once whimpered, cried, or asked for it at any time.  YAHHH, AUSTIN!!!

Bye Bye, Pacifier! 
You were great these last 18 months,
but being a big boy is so much better!!