Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gigi's Big Break - A Review

I was recently sent one of the new “Gigi, God's Little Princess” movies on DVD, Gigi's Big Break from Thomas Nelson Publishing. My 3-year-old daughter absolutely loves Gigi, and I definitely enjoy the positive lessons that are taught through the movies. So, we were anxious to watch Gigi’s Big Break as soon as it arrived!

My daughter sat through the entire movie, watching it very intently and commenting on what was right/wrong to do in the story. It was great to see that the lessons presented were on a level that even a 3-year-old could understand. I did immediately notice that the movie was fully animated. This was not a negative thing, per se, but we were used to seeing the real little girl, Gigi, who would take us into the animated world as she was thinking/dreaming.

This DVD had two full-length episodes. The first is “The White Lie”, based on 1 John 1:8-9. This story teaching about honesty was great! It used a simple example of not telling the truth when you think you may get in trouble, then watching that lie grow each time you tell it. Gigi learned that, though it may not be fun to get in trouble for an action (like her disobedience that led to a broken vase), it is much worse to lie about it and have to live with the guilt of that sin. This is a great lesson that shows the importance of honesty and the truth of God’s forgiveness and love for us.

The second story on the DVD is “The Pink Surprise”, based on Luke 10:21, where Gigi is told that her parents have a great surprise to tell her about. She spends all day imagining all of the many possibilities the surprise may be…moving to outer space, getting a new beautiful canopy bed like her friend, etc. To her surprise, she is going to be a big sister! Gigi is quickly concerned about no longer being the only child and losing her parents love and attention. She even tries to figure out how to return the new baby. But in the end, she gains a blessing that will last forever!

If you are looking for a simple animated movie for the little princess in your life, I would suggest this. The movie is cute and funny, keeping even a busy 3-year-old’s attention, but also teaches great Biblical lessons for life! This is a great way to put real life examples to the important life lessons you teach from God’s word.