Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

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I did not find Austin playing in the toilet with his mixing spoon on at least 2 occassions this week...sticking daddy's screw drivers in the dishwasher filter (?) while it was running...using a chair to get in the kitchen drawer and finding sharp knives...and who knows what else I've forgotten or not seen.  He's into EVERYTHING right now!

Katie did not ask to dress herself and get ready to go shopping with me earlier this week...all day long she worked on finding the *perfect* accessories to match her chosen outfit.  By the time we left, I had this beautiful princess...loving her PINK!

Austin did not cut 3 more teeth last week, now totally 10 teeth.  He's trying to "catch up" with his buddies by getting them all in at once, apparently.  :-)

I did not SO enjoy the weather on Saturday...I can't wait for more flip-flop weather!!  I'm *dying* to get outside with my camera and kids!!