Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tree Climbing FUN!

Today's beautiful weather practically forced the me (and the kids, of course) out of the house!  So, while we were out, I decided I would attempt a few 18 month portraits of Austin with high hopes to even get a cute brother/sister shot out of the deal.  The kids had so much fun climbing trees (being the little monkeys they are) and feeding two pieces of bread to about 30 starving ducks and geese.  {Note to time, bring more bread so the beautiful wildlife doesn't turn very mean when we run out of food!} 

Here are a few shots I took...

I can't say that it was the "perfect" pictures...

1) I had no help keeping either kid from falling out of the trees
2) we had lots of wildlife chasing us and scaring me when they got uncomfortably close to the children
3) it was noon...the sun was bright and washing out all of my beautiful colors

But perfect or not, we had a great time FULL of laughter!