Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Family Fun

I've been a little behind posting pictures of our recent Easter fun (sorry)...hopefully filling this post with LOTS of pictures from the last week will help you forget about me being so slow to share them.

Last weekend, we went to the Bellingrath Gardens' Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  This is one thing that Katie looks forward to each year, so we were all excited to see how Austin would react this year.  Unfortunately, the egg hunt for the 0-3 yr old children was (for lack of a better word) a dud.  There were no eggs left to hunt, which makes an egg hunt pretty hard to enjoy.  The kids did get to sit with the Easter Bunny, though.  Katie still loves seeing the Easter Bunny.  Austin wasn't at all scared of it, but he wasn't nearly as impressed as his sister, either :-)  Here's their picture to add to their collection (since this is a family tradition for us):

Since the Bellingrath Egg Hunt didn't go so well, the kids were thrilled to know that we had another egg hunt planned with several of their little playdate friends!  Here are a few shots from their fun...

Can  you guess who's hiding?  ;-)  I think he got tired of waiting at the door to egg hunt, so he decided to make himself a hat.  It definitely had us all laughing!

Katie was very fast at hunting eggs this year!  She left no crack or crevice unturned!

Austin carrying his basket of eggs...

Katie had to count her eggs...she had found 14!

Austin enjoyed finding the "hard" eggs that required climbing (like this one that was hidden on top of the swing set fort)...

And, to continue a family tradition for Mark, here is our annual family picture at church on Easter Sunday!

We had a lot of fun with all of our family and friends as we celebrated our RISEN Savior!  I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday, as well!!