Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I did not order the 30 day shred DVD this week, after repeatedly being frustrated when looking in the mirror.  Not to mention that the beach trip is now less than 2 months away...that should be at least a little motivation to get me started!

I have not had many boo-boo's to doctor the past several days...especially on little Austin.  You can tell we've spent a lot more time outside just by looking at his bruised and scuffed up legs!  Little guy is tough, though...he falls and never once makes a peep...just gets right back up and keeps on going.  I'm the one that has to stop him to help him stop bleeding, etc.  It's amazing how tough little boys are by nature!

I am not starting a photography business class this week at USA, to hopefully help me to be sure all of my "ducks are in a row" with all of the legal stuff.  I'm not at all looking forward to the course, especially since it is causing me to miss Wednesday night church, but I am definitely ready to get all of the loose ends tied up!

I have not been enjoying planting and gardening (on a very small scale) with Katie lately.  Now, if only we can continue to keep them alive and well, we'll have cucumbers and tomatoes later on! :-)

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