Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I did not find Austin drawing me a picture on his wall this week with a colored pencil.  Neither of my kids have ever tried this, and certainly wouldn't start now!  {I'm just grateful that it was colored pencil and was easily removed!}

I also did not find this new "artwork" by Austin this week...{YES, that is our computer monitor!  Thankfully he grabbed a special pencil I use on the back of pictures, versus a pen or marker...}

I have not determined that there has to be a conspiracy with kids hitting their heads and getting "goose-eggs" right before their bedtime!  {You know, because then you have to keep them up later, just to be safe...}

My kids did not find a new favorite pasttime when we were in North Alabama recently...hopefully no one will mind the spread dandelion seeds too much....{These are hard to find in Mobile, so they were in heaven at Granny and Papa's house, where they were plentiful!}

I am not beginning to question the truth in the "be more stubborn than they are" advice for strong-willed children, because I've yet to succeed at reaching that level of stubborn-ity! {Did I just make up a new word? LOL}

I was not impressed with Katie's love for creepy crawlies this week...especially when she rescued a little lizard from certain death {AKA Meeko}, and carried it around forever trying to find it the "perfect place" to live.

Katie's hair has not almost completely turned into perfect little ringlets now...naturally...and we adore it!

I do not have a specific "story" to go with these last pictures.  I took them at Granny and Papa's house last weekend at our visit.  We don't get to see them often, so it was very special to be able to capture them and t heir time with the kids on camera!  Unfortunately, Austin was no where to be seen...he was playing in the dirt nearby {all boy, I tell you!}  I'm so thankful for my family and the relationship they already have with our kids.  Though we don't see them often, none of the kids' great-grandparents are ever forgotten.  Katie, especially, talks and asks about them blessed we are!

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