Monday, April 26, 2010

Not My Child! Monday

I was totally going to skip my "Not Me" post today, just from busyness!  But...Austin changed my mind.  So, here you go...

After being careful to hide all types of writing instruments, I definitely would not find my sweet little boy like this!

Trust me, pictures don't do it justice at all!  My child drew all inside of his ear, hair, head, face, belly, belly button, legs, name it, it was drawn on!  And, unfortuately for him, after much scrubbing, he still has lots of marks (obviously he pushed down really hard while drawing).  What's hilarious is that he was going about his normal he had done nothing.  Even Katie didn't notice (or say anything). 

And, no, that's definitely not all he colored on.  About 1/4 of one of Katie's wall had lots and lots and lots of Austin's handiwork.  Even the magic eraser had a hard time getting it off!  I was a little preoccupied by that point to take a picture of the wall, sorry!  My sweet, innocent little boy would never do that!  Not my child!!!

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