Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A few things I've overheard the past couple of days...

"Mommy!  He's sitting on me again!" ( Austin does his best pestering)

"Boo Boo (Blues Clues)" and "Duh-Duh (Dora)" along with his creative corresponding hand motions (Austin, wanting to watch his favorite two DVDs)

"I'll show you why I don't want to eat this...because it makes me go *gag*" (Katie and her newly picky-eating self)

"But words keep coming out, even when I try to close my mouth" (Katie - when she's trying to be quiet and explaining why she isn't)

"This this...up up" (Austin, wanting Easter candy)

"Uh-Oh" (Austin...all day long!)

"I just hatched an egg!"  (Katie...I didn't ask...)

"I'm still hungry..." (Katie - I'd be hungry too...seeing as how you don't want to eat anything we offer)

"Can you check my panties?  I'm afraid to look."  (Katie, knowing that she had an accident)

"But why did I say I wanted a sprinkle donut instead of chocolate?"  (Katie, trying to understand her choice of dessert on our family night out...she wanted both apparently...)