Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I haven't had the time or energy to sit down and update the blog in a few days, though I have thought of it often.  So, I decided I would try to give you a brief "overview" of our recent lives...be prepared for lots of randomness in thought!

The last month, I have spent way too many hours on the phone and online making sure I have all of the proper licensing, sales tax procedures, bookkeeping, and other legal matters for my photography business.  Most of the time, it makes me want to go back to hobby photography, but I keep pushing myself to make it through this initial work, so I can find that enjoyment again (but with monetary gain).  I have a new respect for stay-at-home moms owning their own businesses, while also taking care of their homes, children, and homeschooling!  It's a LOT of work!!

The kids have been spending tons of time outside lately, and their poor elbows and knees are proof!  They like to compare their "boo-boos" on a normal basis now...but they never complain.  I think they would live outside if I would let them!  It does give me a little time to clean up the kitchen, etc., while watching them through the window or door in the kitchen. 

This past weekend we were able to go to North Alabama and spend a little time with my family, which we all enjoyed.  It went by much too fast, but it always does.  The kids enjoyed driving the tractor with Papa Flannagin, petting calves with Papaw Tim, hunting eggs & feeding {monsterous} fish with Papa and Mawmaw Rikard, and enjoying some playtime with Mimi, Papa Ricky, Uncle Gabe, Aunt Megan, Aunt Heather, Uncle Kyle, and Sydney.  We're all looking forward to seeing them again next month for our annual girls' getaway trip!

Austin is still cutting molars...the bottom ones, now.  Most days you wouldn't know he was teething (unless you felt of his terribly swollen gums), but he has had a few rough days/nights (like last night) where he had a hard time sleeping due to his teething.  It has also affected his eating habits some, as well.  I'm looking forward to him having all 20 teeth, so we can forget about teething for a few years!  He is starting to try to repeat many new words now.  He loves to try to say his alphabet, though he gets a little lost after C ;-)  Before long, I'm sure he'll be holding conversations with us all.

Katie is growing taller every day, it seems...outgrowing every outfit I bring out for her to wear.  She's doing great in homeschooling, and loving it!  We've started taking homeschooling down to 2-3 days a week with a little more time spent (versus a shorter time every weekday).  It has worked out well for us to be able to have more flexibility with errands and playdates, etc.  She's regressed a little in her pottying the past month...she's getting lazy...wanting to wait too long before taking a potty break.  It's been a little frustrating for me at times, since I know that she can do it, but we're working on that daily.  We've been dealing with more frequent tantrums the past month, as well...but praying daily that God would give us wisdom on how best to train up our strong-willed daughter. 

I've started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD...day 1 was a good but tough workout...day 2 (just completed) I thought I was going to die...we'll see how the next 28 days go! ;-) 

Mark has stayed very busy at work, but we're thankful for his job!  He's in Portland, Oregon this week, and we miss him terribly!  Though I have tons to keep us busy this week at home, I'm wishing for the time to go by so he can be home with us again.

I think that's enough randomness for one day...pictures will return soon, I promise...as soon as I catch up on my to-do list...