Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Find!

With summertime now here (especially living near the beach, like we do currently), I always dread one thing...FINDING A SWIMSUIT!  Hopefully I'm not alone when I say that regardless of how many shops and styles I try, or how much money I'm willing to spend, I just have a hard time finding a swimsuit that fits my body correctly, looks cute and trendy, and covers modestly.  If you're like me in that area, then I have great news for you!!

When reading through my "blog roll" today, I ran across this swimsuit site with some of the cutest, but most modest swimwear I have ever seen!  And what's even better, is that they are currently giving 10% off of orders and have a giveaway going on for someone to win their choice of swimwear.  Trust me...I've entered that contest!  And, even more than that...I know where I will be spending my money to get my next swimsuit! 

You can check out their amazing line of swimwear at  And you can enter the swimsuit giveaway at

Which one is YOUR favorite?  I have about 5 favorites that I will have to choose from... ;-)