Monday, May 24, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

Our *once* little tomato plants now have tomatos!  The kids were not so excited that they decided  to pick a couple.  I had to explain why we can't pick them yet...and re-explain that almost daily now :-)

We're not, however, fighting to save the life of our dear cucumber plant.  Not sure what's going on with it, but it doesn't look happy and healthy anymore...

I did not have to call the doctor's office this week, when I unintentionally gave Austin the wrong dose of Ibuprofen.  Thankfully, I had not given him much above his "real" dosage (apparently, I usually only give him about 1/2 of his okayed dosage).  Still scared me, though!

On a recent swim in Uncle George's pool, Katie did not put on her floaties and jump in off the diving board 2 times!  She hates water getting into her eyes and is much too cautious to try this.  I just wish I could have had the camera to show you how great she did and how much she enjoyed it!!  Maybe next time I'll be more prepared :-)

I will not greatly miss my lovely flowers (given to us by Pawpaw B) when we sell our home and move to North Alabama.  Who wouldn't miss something so beautiful??

This was not a recent conversation at our dinner table:  {Me}"Katie, try some of your's the best one Mommy's ever grilled!"  {Katie, without missing a beat}"But it's the best hamburger I never wanted!!"  Don't you love the honesty?  We're still laughing at this conversation... ;-)

I  did not enjoy an impromptu nature photoshoot with Mark as we enjoyed a nice {and much needed} date night in Fairhope.  Here are a few shots we took of the beauty there...

What have you not done this week??  :-)