Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beach Bums...

As a mom, photographer, and lover of pictures, I should have tons of pictures to show you from our mini beach vacation last weekend.  But all I can say is BEACH BUM! 

We all enjoyed the beach...the ocean, the sand, the seafood, the pool, the hot tub, the "she-shells", and the wonderful family time.  We all kept a head full of sand, because of Austin's sand-throwing skills.  We all played, laughed, and played some more.  We all stayed hot, smelly, and wet.  We all laughed as we watched Katie make "snow angels" in the sand.  We all sat amazed at the amount of crab claws, crawfish, and shrimp our two kiddos ate enhaled!  We all enjoyed being complete BEACH BUMS!  And, because we all enjoyed being such bums together, I took very few pictures {sorry}...but the fun time with each other was definitely worth the sacrafice!

But, Mark saved us by taking some pictures of us while we were out at the beach, bumming...ENJOY!

Katie and Mommy - searching for the really good "she-shells" for our sand castle

Katie "decorating" her sand castle with shells

Austin showing Mommy the "booaaat" {one of his new words from our trip}

The boat he saw...{good eyes, for a toddler, huh?}

Quick family shot while we enjoyed the clear ocean!
{Note:  Katie jumped up every time she felt the waves, as you can see.}

We had a wonderful beach bumming vacation with our kids and parents!